The name of our company comes from the combination of the words “vie” and “live”. To vie means to strive for victory or superiority and our favorite definition of live is derived from the Greek origin of the word where it meant to persist and persevere. Putting them together yields our mission statement: striving for (creative) superiority through perseverance and persistence.

As such, we are meticulous in everything we do down to each individual frame of video or pixel of graphic we create. We believe in taking the time to do things right the first time and not gauge the client on expensive re-shoots and quick fixes. We believe in client/agency partnerships and in mutually beneficial relationships for all involved. What do you believe in?


Vision is such a tricky thing to convey. Is it our vision for where we’d like our company to be in five years? How about for the types of projects we’d like to work on? Or is it something else altogether?

For us, it’s all of those things and more. Here at VILIV, we strive to foster a working environment that breeds creativity, attracts the best possible talent and clients that we’d want to have a beer with at the end of the day – you know, the clients that you’d be friends with even if they weren’t an essential part of what’s keeping your lights on.


Zach Self

Zachary Self


Zach Self has over twelve years experience in multimedia production including ten years as composer and audio designer. His musical origins are rooted in deep jazz, soul and R&B traditions that transform for a new generation. Pioneering the rap, hip hop sounds emanating from Seattle’s urban beat, Zach has launched over a dozen new artists. His unique engineering style combines technical expertise with gifted musical nuances that create dramatic and meaningful soundscapes.

He shifted focus to Graphic Design & Web Development around 5 years ago. While working on the Mobile Web Team at world-renowned Übermind, now Deloitte Digital, he contributed to the Alaska Airlines trendsetting web application (m.alaskaair.com), as well as clients such as Target, Alaska Airlines IOS/Android Apps and Deloitte internal applications.

He has organized and booked over 300 events, designed and created a musical venue in downtown Seattle, composed and recorded his own songs on 12 albums and provided leadership support to many organizations around the Northwest.

Tommy Oliver

Tommy Oliver


Tommy Oliver is a multi-award winning writer, director, producer and cinematographer. His credits include producing Kinyarwanda, a film Roger Ebert named to his top 10 films of 2011 and writing, producing and directing 1982 starring Hill Harper, Sharon Leal, Wayne Brady, Bokeem Woodbine and Ruby Dee.

As a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he double majored in Economics and Digital Media and as a Microsoft alum, he developed a keen understanding for business as a whole. As a cinematographer and certified techie, he developed the technical skills to fill in any crew position and to be able to better communicate with team leaders and vendors. As a creative, he’s faced innumerable challenges from crafting a coherent and marketable story to tackling the logistics of shooting in a foreign country and beyond. This combination of skills allows for outside the box thinking, creative problem solving and better communication.

He is also founding partner of Confluential Films, a film production company he started with the multi-talented Hill Harper.

His favorite movies are The Lion King, The Godfather, American History X and 12 Angry Men.