Music Recording & Instrument Tracking:

We offer professional facilities for recording and tracking music performed live such as guitar amps, percussion, acoustic guitar, voice and vocal recordings. We have multiple isolation rooms for recording voice, acoustic guitar, guitar amps, percussion and/or other instrumentation.

Audio Editing & Sound Design:

We use Pro Tools in our studio which allows for quick and precise manipulation of recorded sound files whether recorded at VILIV Inc. Studios or at other recording studios (even your personal home studios). Audio Editing may include noise reduction, equalization and other forms of digital audio processing.

Audio & Music Mixing:

Audio or Music Mixing is the process of transforming raw audio/sound recordings into balanced audio/music pieces that are made into records and/or played on the radio. Part science and part art, mixing requires very good equipment, a reliable listening environment and an experienced mixing engineer. VILIV Inc. Studios has an acoustically appropriate control/mixing room with professional digital and analog equipment operated by experienced sound engineers.


  • Pro Tools HD
  • MacPro 8-Core, Current OSX, 16GB RAM
  • Neumann TLM-103 Large Condenser Microphone
  • Avalon 737-SP Mic Pre/Comp/EQ
  • WAVES Diamond Bundle
  • API Bundle
  • SSL Bundle
  • Production Toolkit
  • BOMB Factory Bundle
  • T-RACKS Bundle
  • AVOX Bundle
  • Assorted Soft Synth Libraries
  • Drum Kit & Percussion Libraries

Music Production:

We offer Music Production Services including song writing, arranging and programming. We can arrange musicians, composers, programmers and vocalists for your specific project.

Midi Programming and Editing:

We have a huge and growing sound bank library that is available to Clients. Your MIDI sequenced music parts will have authentic sound that is original and unique.

Voice Over & Talent Services:

We have great sounding voice talents for your voice over requirements in English and other select languages. Our voice over productions are held at our state of the art recording facility, but can be performed on location as required.

Mobile Recording:

We offer a remote recording service for live, mobile and remote productions such as live music concerts or in-office meetings that need multi-track recording so that the song/voice can be properly mixed at a studio. We will capture the highest quality live audio in order to have the best audio signals for post production.

Live Band:

  • Over 60+ musicians
  • Range of genres and instrumentation
  • Original Compositions
  • Chord Charts
  • Arrangement